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Prison – a Perfect Place to Promote Hate and Racism
by Carl R. ToersBijns
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This book has been amended to update many conditions relevant to the dynamics inside our prisons today – racism and radicalization are real and prisons serve as primary places to breed such hate on top of the detestation that is already there. To many, the word incubation is either confusing when applied to racism and radicalization or it has a double meaning making it necessary to explain the purpose of this message and define the path I am taking. To me, incubation is seen as a part of insight and growing problem in our society. A visionary but also a mentoring phenomenon approach is taken in writing this book. In this book you will see the elements of how the mindsets are changed under controlled environmental conditions that promote hate, convert to religions and racism. They are all relative to prison life and those conditions imposed by the systems. The strategy to control such extremism is not yet fully activated or implemented putting our prison population in an immediate danger or threat of becoming the breeding grounds for more violence in our communities. The definition of insight in psychology is: "A sudden perception, awareness of a solution, a change or transformation from an unlearned to a learned state. Instinct A natural behavior or capacity," while incubation is interpreted, in psychology, as "A period of thinking about the problem, which may also include putting the problem aside for a time." My piece is written out of the political aspect of prisons, not the mental health aspects of radicalization, racialization, and incubation of racism within prisons. I am not sure if this message is clear enough for it to bring to the mind what I want to illustrate through a visionary message. I am just explaining dynamics to you about the fostering and feeding of the beast through neglect and inaction, which would be a natural incubator for hate and racism. I hope I am right on target with my message and make you think about how we can reduce the destruction of this beast, created inside prisons and begins in actuality in our schools. Just a thought but also an actual reality as “lone wolf” attackers become more prevalent in our communities and carry out their radicalized ideologies incubated inside our prisons where they can focus 100 percent on the root of their beliefs without any interference and then, carefully carry out their hate or acts as planned. In addition to the existing gang problem, I have amended this book to include the potential or revolutionary problems related to Muslims and the influx of radical or extremist ideologies into our prisons. ADX and other SMU units are real lockdown units with a semblance of order that most maximum prisons currently provide. Overcrowded and facing dramatically reduced resources, what is clear is that prisons themselves are now extreme environments. There were more alleged homicides behind bars in 2015 than in any other year on record. Although it is a vision based on factual data already gathered on their behaviors inside prisons and European countries who have opened their borders to these “refugees” it is likely a large number of these Muslim sect members will end up in our prisons, adding to the already complex problem of managing prison gangs. Some information is speculative, some are based on historic behaviors and some is conjectural summaries based on human behaviors under these incubating conditions of hate, racism and the will to create and inflict violence and bedlam.




















Prison – a Perfect Place to Promote Hate and Racism Carl R. ToersBijns

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